Exzon Plus provides a full claims investigation, risk management and claim adjustment and negotiation of settlement. The scope of each assignment shall be discussed prior to accepting any assignment. Detailed below, our service standards :

1. Site investigation
Site investigation and meeting
1.1 To discuss with the insured or policy holder as to the circumstances, cause, nature and extent of the loss.
1.2 Investigation of the cause.
1.3 Verify the scope and extent of the loss, and access the repair deemed necessary.
1.4 Collect photographs of the damage.

2. Preliminary Advice and First Report
We shall prepare Preliminary advice followed shortly by a First report, detailing: the
circumstances of the loss, possible cause, nature and extent of damage, recovery evaluation, salvage, reserves and policy liability. Additional services can be provided upon request, including advice on risk improvement.

3. Claim management and proposed settlement
We shall assist the insured and/or policy holder with the claim preparation, loss minimisation, and loss prevention as appropriate. We will then provide our proposed claim settlement for the insured and/or policy holder for our Principal consideration and approval prior to negotiating the settlement with the Insured/policy holder.

4. Negotiation and claim settlement
Subject to the Insurer’s approval, we shall enter into the negotiation process with the Insured and/or the policy holder with the aim to settle the claim to the best interest of all parties concerned in accordance with the policy liability.

5. Conclusion and final report
Once the claim has been successfully settled, we shall prepare a final report detailing the claim and the conclusion of the claim for the Insurer’s consideration.

6. Risk survey
We provide service for Risk survey and Third party condition survey upon request.

7. Special assignment
We provide a special service in relation to: loss investigation, advice of independent opinions, technical assistance, and other services subject to the Insurer requirement in relation to its Insurance business.