Exzon Plus is a company dedicated to the loss investigation and resolution of technical insurance claims on an International basis. We are operating with association of AICLA.

Our team strives to provide our principal insurers with loss adjusting and claim management, using an experienced and dedicated team of field engineers. Our expertise covers a wide scope of claims, including: contractors all risks, erection all risks, machinery breakdown, engineering, energy & power plants, and other special and technical issues involving risks and risk survey. We approach insurance claims professionally and adhere to a policy of openness and honesty, as well as always approaching claims in a non-confrontational manner with helpful insights. Our aim is to finalise settlements in accordance with the policy terms and conditions acceptable to all interested parties reflecting the jurisdiction of the loss. We see our role as being proactive in the resolution of all claims made.

We work as a team when faced with large claims, involving a number of insured properties. As we are all specialists in loss minimisation, we conduct thorough investigations, evaluate the scope of the damage and make an accurate claim estimate, so we can then approach the Insured with our estimate for the purpose of claim settlement. This unique and streamlined approach suits all parties concerned. The benefit is for Insurers to be able to settle the Insured’s claim quickly without having to wait for full claim details and full supporting documents. This approach by our team enables us to start the claim process immediately and benefits all parties involved.

Exzon Plus is wholly owned by the senior team members, who are all working loss adjusters. Our commitment to service is therefore a personal commitment backed by unrivalled experience in the field. We believe that we are perfectly poised to respond to the trust placed in us by our instructing Principals when dealing with their valued Insureds.

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