Exzon Plus provides a full claims investigation, risk management and claims adjustment and settlement service. The scope of each assignment is discussed prior to acceptance.

The following represents what we undertake to provide in respect of each and every claim assignment: 

1. Site investigation and meeting

  • To discuss with the insured or policyholder the circumstances, cause, nature and extent of the loss.
  • To investigate the cause.
  • To verify the scope and extent of the loss, and access any repair deemed necessary.
  • To provide photographs of the damage.

2. Preliminary Advice and First Report (Report preparation)
We shall prepare our Preliminary Advice to be followed by a First Report, detailing the circumstances of the loss, possible cause, nature and extent of damage, recovery evaluation, salvage, reserves and policy liability. Additional services, including advice on risk improvement, can be provided upon request.

3. Claim management and proposed settlement
We shall assist the insured and/or policyholder with claim preparation, loss minimisation, and loss prevention, as appropriate. We shall then provide our proposal for settlement of the claim by the insured and/or policyholder for our instructing Principals’ consideration and approval prior to undertaking settlement with the Insured/policyholder.

4. Claim settlement
Subject to our instructing Principals’ approval, we shall liaise with the Insured and/or the policyholder to settle the claim in accordance with policy liability.

5. Conclusion and Final report
Once the claim has been settled, we shall prepare a Final Report detailing the claim and the conclusion of the claim for consideration by our instructing Principals.

In addition to the above, we are able to undertake the following:

  • Risk Surveys and Pre-Condition Surveys
    We are happy to quote for and provide this service upon request.
  • Special insurance related assignments
    We provide a special service regarding loss investigation, advice on independent opinions, and technical assistance, and other services, subject to the requirements of our instructing Principals.

We are confident that our proven experience and interpersonal skills in the handling of complex claims in Thailand and elsewhere leave us ideally placed to handle assignments throughout the country and indeed the Region, and we look forward to working alongside our Principals and their valued Policyholders.

Should you require further information regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any service terms, and the scope of any special assignments and reporting standards that you might require. Please contact the undersigned should you wish to discuss any of our services.

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